Meet the Staff

Sheri Shannon, RDH

We are excited and thrilled to introduce you to a member of the Dream Hygiene Team …

Sheri moved here from Arkansas in 2004 after graduating from the University of Arkansas Fort Smith.  Not long after she moved here she married Jason and began her dental hygiene career.  She has worked for Dr. Davis since 2005.  She works for him Monday thru Thursday 8:00 – 5:00.  Sheri truly cares about her patients and treats them as if they were her family.  Her interests include health, fitness and cooking.  She also enjoys outings with her dogs.

Amanda Barton, RDA

Amanda graduated dental assisting school in 2008.  She has worked for Dr. Davis since 2013.  She has been a life long resident of Oklahoma.  Amanda enjoys dental assisting because she loves helping people.  Her interests include home crafting projects.  She also enjoys spending time with her dog Tip-C.

Yolibeth Castillo, Appointment Secretary

Davis Dental is proud to present one of our newest members of the team, Yolibeth Castillo. Yolibeth joined the team in October of 2014. Yolibeth has been a Dental Receptionist for over 13 years. Due to her tenure in the dental field she has been well versed in all aspects of general dentistry. Yolibeth hails all the way from California, hence the accent, where she originally received her training. She moved to the Oklahoma City area in September, 2014.

Please join us in welcoming Yolibeth to the team!

Sharon Curtis, Transcriptionist & Medical Billing

Sharon has been with Davis Dental since January of 1995. If you do not know who she is, she is the lady that we keep hidden in the state of Missouri.

Sharon is a certified Dental Assistant but chooses instead to be our transcriptionist. She types all of the patient notes that go in each and every patient file. Sharon also types most of the letters for patients, insurance, etc.

Sharon is a whiz when it comes to medical insurance. We try to utilize this expertise by letting her handle all of the medical insurance filing. If you need to contact Sharon call the office and we will relay the message. 

Sharon is very proud of her family. She is happily married to Larry and has 9 kids. But Sharon is probably most proud of her 16 grandchildren.

When Sharon is not working she loves to spend time with her grandchildren. She also likes to spend time on the computer. She is very knowledgeable about computers! That’s just one of the reasons we keep her around. When the weather permits, Sharon also can be found in her garden. But everyone really loves Sharon around Christmas time. That’s when Sharon brings in her tray of baked goodies. Even the UPS man loves her then.

Davis Dental is very happy to have Sharon as part of our team.

Mike Lints, Lab Technician

Did you know that Davis Dental has an in-house lab? Mike Lints is the Lab Technician responsible for constructing all the crowns and bridges at Davis Dental. Dr. Davis insists that all of the crowns and bridges for his patients be constructed on site under his watchful eye.

The advantages of constructing the crowns and bridges on site are enormous for the patient. Most doctors send their crowns and bridges to an outside lab. The crowns and bridges are then constructed and sent back to the doctor. If the fit is not correct then the process is started all over again. If the crown or bridge needs just a little adjustment the doctor can do it himself but will scuff up the glaze and the polish so the completed crown or bridge will not look as nice. At Davis Dental Mike will complete the crown or bridge to a point that when the patient comes in Dr. Davis checks the crown or bridge; makes sure the color is correct and makes any adjustments so that it will fit perfectly. The crown or bridge then goes back to Mike to finish the glaze and polish before placing.

Mike has been a Lab Tech for over 25 years and has been with Dr. Davis since 1994. When Mike is not busy making crown or bridges you can find him playing golf or just about any other sport. And when he really wants to relax you’ll find him at the Bricktown Ballpark watching those Redhawks play ball.