Insurance Information

At Davis Dental Clinic we make every effort to provide you with the finest care and the most convenient financial options. To accomplish this we work hand-in-hand with you to maximize your insurance reimbursement for covered procedures. If you have any problems or questions, please ask our staff. They are well informed and up-to-date. They can be reached by phone at Davis Dental Clinic Phone Number 405-787-8990.

We will file insurance on all dental treatment as a courtesy to our patients. You must understand:

  • Your insurance is a contract between you, your employer and the insurance company. We are not a party to that contract. If your insurance company has not paid within 30 days please contact them for an explanation. They will respond to your request more rapidly than to our inquiry.
  • Our fees are generally considered to fall within the acceptable range by most companies; therefore, they should be covered up to the maximum allowance determined by each carrier.
  • Not all services are a covered benefit in all contracts. Some insurance companies arbitrarily select certain services they will not cover.
  • All insurance deductibles, percentages not covered by insurance and/or previous balances are due at time of service.
  • We no longer estimate or file secondary insurance. The recent changes by the insurance companies have removed most of the benefits of secondary insurance and have made it virtually impossible to estimate your coverage.

We must emphasize that as family care providers, our relationship is with you, not your insurance company. While the filing of certain insurance claims is a courtesy that we extend to our patients, all charges are your responsibility from the date the services are rendered. Patients are asked to monitor their insurance payments and promptly pay any remaining balance. If we do not hear from your insurance company within 30 days, you will be responsible for payment of your remaining account balance. All accounts with unpaid balances are governed by the Financial Agreement and Initial Disclosure Statement and interest will be charged on balances older than 60 days at the rate of 1.75% per month on the unpaid balance. If we have not received payment from you or your insurance company within 90 days, your account will be turned to a professional collection service. We realize that temporary financial problems may affect timely payment of your account. If such problems do arise, we encourage you to contact us for assistance in the management of your account. Please remember, we do not render care so that we can collect money, but we must collect money so that we may render care.

If you have any questions about the above information or any uncertainty regarding insurance coverage, please do not hesitate to ask us. We are here to help you. Our office telephone number is Davis Dental Clinic Phone Number 405-787-8990.

Please call if you have any questions or concerns regarding your initial visit.

Please bring your insurance information with you to the consultation so that we can expedite reimbursement.